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What is a car insurance quote? Do I need a car insurance quote? How can car insurance quotes differ from insurance rates? Where should I look for the best car insurance quote?

What Is A Car Insurance Quote?

A car insurance quote is an estimated cost of a policy. Because insurance is a qualification process, you need a quote to compare prices. Car insurance quotes give you a good idea of what you will end up paying.

Of course, this rate is subject to change. If you get a good car insurance quote today, it may be higher tomorrow.

Where To Get Auto Insurance Quotes

If you get a quote without letting them run your driving history, be prepared for the rate to go up. If you get a quote before they’ve run your credit report, be prepared for it to go up. A quote is the most important part of getting insured.

Do I Need A Car Insurance Quote?

Yes! If you are looking to drive a car, you will need to get an insurance quote. Also, if you think you may be paying too much for car insurance, you’ll need a quote.

A car insurance quote is the first step in the process of getting car insurance. So if you are already insured or satisfied with your rate, you may not need a car insurance quote.

How Can Car Insurance Quotes Differ From Insurance Rates?

Generally, an insurance quote is an estimate of the final cost. If your driving history or credit are better than expected, the rate may be lower. If you didn’t disclose a car accident or a ticket, it might go up after the estimate.

Also, you may get a discount if you pay several months of your policy at once. This is usually called a paid-in-full policy.

Where Should I Get Auto Insurance Quotes

Where Should I Look For The Best Car Insurance Quote?

There are basically four places where you can get a car insurance quote: comparison websites, corporate websites, an independent car insurance agent and a captive car insurance agent.

A comparison site’s main advantage is the possibility to help you save time. You can get 10-20 quotes from different companies at the same time. However, they may be more expensive than buying directing through the company websites.

Corporate websites are often the cheapest way for an insurance company to get new business. Because of this, you can often save money by getting a quote through their websites. However, it can become time-consuming to comparison shop this way.

Independent car insurance agents, or non-captive agents, represent multiple car insurance companies. The main advantage is that they do most of the work for you. However, they do not have a fiduciary duty to you and aren’t required to disclose the best rates they find. They can choose to only tell you about the quotes that pay them the most.

Captive insurance agents represent only one insurance company. They are people like your local Allstate or Geico agent. Unfortunately, working through them can have several drawbacks. They may take longer or be more expensive than going through a corporate website. They also don’t have any fiduciary duty to you.

Instead, I recommend trying a comparison site and then double checking the best rates on the corporate sites. This can save you time and make sure you’re getting the best rate possible.


So you now know why you need a car insurance quote and where to look for one. If you want to learn what I use, check my review here.

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Where To Get Auto Insurance Quotes

Disclosure: The ads and links on this website may promote products. We may receive compensation. Always check with legal professionals before making any financial decision.

Are you looking for the best ways to get auto insurance quotes? Learn all the secrets of how to get the cheapest car insurance possible!

Where Can I Get Auto Insurance Quotes?

As anyone who watches cable TV can attest, there are lots of car insurance companies. However, some of the best companies don’t have cleaver giggles. Sometimes they market differently to save their customers money. Of course, you can start at the big named companies. But I would highly recommend trying other companies too. After all, they offer the same coverages and often have better rates.

A recent newcomer is the comparison shopping site. These sites offer a way to compare rates from several companies at once. Because insurance is an approval process, this can save you time. However, these sites may not disclose certain rates if it makes them less money. Legally, they are under no obligation to do so. Although these sites are a good place to start, I always recommend following up with the cheapest company’s website to make sure you get the same quote.

Where To Get Auto Insurance Quotes

Good places to start include Insurify, NerdWallet, Gabi, and The Zebra.

Where Should I Get Auto Insurance Quotes?

Again, it’s good to start with a comparison auto insurance website. This will give you a good idea of which companies are in your area. It also may show you where to look. Of course, always double check the rates. From this point, it may be a good idea to see what types of discounts you can get. For example, lots of companies now will track your driving habits in exchange for a discount. Factoring in a bit of that discount may change the game.

With car insurance quotes, more is better. Aim for at least 10 different quotes if you want to save money. That way, you’ll know for sure about what you should be paying.

Of course, this is a time consuming process. However, it can be a rewarding use of your time. Saving a bit every month really adds up over time.

Where Should I Get Auto Insurance Quotes

Where Would You Get Auto Insurance Quotes?

Personally, I love Root. Click here to read my review of Root Insurance. Getting a quote with them really does take several days. They track your driving and base your rates off of that. So if you can’t wait, get a rate with another company first. Make sure you’re always insured before you drive. After you get a quote from Root, you can always change right there and then. They’ll even cancel your old policy for you.

Where Would I Get Auto Insurance Quotes
Where Would I Get Auto Insurance Quotes?


Hopefully, this article helps you. You now know where to get auto insurance quotes. Of course, I would start with a comparison site and slowly narrow down your list. This should help you find the best rates in your area! After that, try Root or something similar to make sure your getting rewarded for good driving.

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Happy Driving!

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Is Root A Good Car Insurance?

Disclosure: The ads and links on this website may promote products. We may receive compensation. Always check with legal professionals before making any financial decision.

Is Root Insurance a good car insurance to have? Will I be protected if I choose them? You can learn how you can save 62% on your car insurance and still be covered.

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What Makes A Car Insurance Company Good?

Usually, a good car insurance company differs from the bar by their customer service, rates, and coverages. The rate a car insurance company gives you is usually the deciding factor in selecting a carrier. Of course, all car insurance companies must offer nearly identical coverage options. Because of this, comparing coverages is unnecessary. However, rates from different car insurance companies differ greatly.

Customer service varies greatly between insurance companies. Some outsource their customer support to third world countries. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. However, I have found that it sometimes creates a language and cultural barrier. Luckily, I have only had US-based customer support with Root Insurance. And they have always been helpful to me.

Root’s rates are some of the lowest I have ever seen. Personally, I haven’t seen other companies’ rates even get close to Root’s. As far as rates go, Root is probably the way to go. Of course, I would always recommend shopping rates. Because car insurance rates can vary wildly, please get at least 5-10 car insurance quotes.

Coverages must be the same across carriers. Having full coverage with Geico is the same full coverage as Root. The only exception is that certain carriers have different extras you may add. For example, some offer roadside or gap coverages for an addition fee. One thing that is great about Root is they include free roadside!

What Is Root Insurance?

Root is a startup technology-based insurance carrier. They are different in that they track how you drive before they give you a rate. Because of that, they can offer lower rates to safe drivers. Then they pass the savings on to you. Although they are a fairly new company, they are stable. All insurance companies must have cash reserves to pay for the coverages they provide.

Do I Have To Worry About Root Insurance?

Because of US government regulation, all legal insurance companies are safe. They have huge requirements to make sure they can cover your policy. Insurance also follows the law of large numbers. They have mathematicians running their numbers. They ensure the company has enough money to pay out for right number of policy holders every month. Insurance companies also spend money on reinsurance. This lets them share risk with another insurance company.


Is Root A Good Car Insurance? Yes! Based on my experience, they are great. In fact, I’ve been recommending them to my friends and family for years.

Are you looking for how to get in touch with Root Insurance? Try this post!