How To Shop For Car Insurance In 2021

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How To Shop For Car Insurance In 2021
How To Shop For Car Insurance In 2021

Are you trying to figure out how to get cheap car insurance? Shopping for insurance rates can be hard. But this guide will help you shop for the best car insurance rates In 2021!

The best way to shop for car insurance in 2021 is to shop online. Use a comparison site and then go to the company’s website to verify the rates.

Car Insurance Is Confusing!

Shopping for car insurance can even confuse the best of us. So it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving.

Car insurance companies use terms you don’t always know or remember. Shopping for car insurance seems complicated. And the biggest part of it is knowing what coverages you actually need. That way, you won’t be paying for anything extra.

This will also make sure you get the coverage you need. I’m sad every time I see someone get into hit-and-run without uninsured motorist coverage.

If they had it, they would be able to get their car fixed or a new one.

Unfortunately, most people seem to go for the state minimum. While that can be all you need, it likely is not. And usually, for literally a couple more dollars a month, you can get better coverage.

Shopping For Car Insurance Is All About Comparing Rates

After that last paragraph you may be thinking “hey, wait. I want to save money, not spend more of it!”.

Here is the greatest secret with car insurance: better insurance can still save you money. This is true in a couple of ways.

Having less insurance usually will cost you more. If your car is totaled without full coverage, you now have to buy a new car.

Even if it cost $100 a month extra for full coverage, if your car is worth $12,000 it would pay for itself in less than 10 years.

When you compare rates, you can afford better insurance. I found that I was able to get better coverage for about 1/3 of what I was paying when I changed carriers. This seems crazy but it’s true.

Shopping for car insurance is all about getting lots of quotes. This will let you see where offers the best rates for the best coverage.

What Car Insurance Coverages Do I Really Need?

The world of car insurance is crazy. There are so many different options. Even different states and companies may call similar coverage different things.

If you’re not sure what coverage you need, check out my guide!

It will help you know if you need full coverage or liability, plus a whole lot more!


Now you know some of the secrets to shopping for car insurance. This tips can help you save a TON.

One of my favorite companies to shop is actually Root Insurance. You may want to check them out!

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Are Car Insurance Quotes Accurate?

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Are Car Insurance Quotes Accurate? Can I Trust The Quote My Insurance Agent Gave Me? Will My Car Insurance Rate Change Over Time?

Are Car Insurance Quotes Accurate?
Are Car Insurance Quotes Accurate?

Should I Trust A Car Insurance Quote?

This is a great question! It really depends on how you got your quote. If it is accurate, which we will get to next, you can trust it. However, you not trust it is the best quote for you.

With car insurance, the rates can vary dramatically. The company is usually the biggest difference in rates. However, you should also make sure you get the right coverages.

If you have coverages you don’t need, you will end up paying far more each month. What coverages do you need? I put together a guide right here that will help you know what to get.

Are Car Insurance Quotes Accurate?

The best indication of how accurate the quote is based on how many information you gave them. The more information you give them, the more you can trust the rate.

Some companies give you a quote without much personal information. These usually aren’t worth very much.

Without your credit and driving history, it is impossible to have an accurate rate.

If they didn’t ask for your permission to check those records, it isn’t an accurate quote. Be prepared for it to possibly go up substantially.

Will My Car Insurance Rate Change?

Car insurance quotes can sometimes change before you buy them. That can happen for all sorts of reasons. Remember, after all, that a quote is a estimated price.

If they didn’t run your driving history, it may go up later. Some carriers may not run your driving history until after you signed up with them.

So if there is an old accident or parking ticket on your driving record, your rate may go up.

Or if you are in an accident, even not-at-fault, your rate will go up. If you make a claim on your insurance, the rate will go up.

I recently renewed my policy and found that it increased a bit due to a couple of tows. If I had known for sure, I would have used AAA or paid myself.

If you move, your rate could also change. Some zip codes are more prone to accidents. Those zip codes usually have higher rates.

When house or apartment hunting, it might not be bad to get a quote in that area first. That way, you won’t be surprised later.


Are Car Insurance Quotes Accurate? Not always but now you will have a better idea when to trust them!

I usually recommend Root Car Insurance!

3 Reasons Dairyland Might Be The Next Big Insurance Company

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Dairyland Car Insurance
Dairyland Car Insurance

What Is Dairyland Auto Insurance? What Is Dairyland’s 800 Number for Customer Service or Claims? Is Dairyland A Good or Legit Insurance Company?

800 Number For Dairyland

Looking for the phone number for Dairyland? For policy questions, claims, or making a payment, Call 800-334-0090.

Number 1: Dairyland Has Great Rates

In my time as a car insurance agent, I found Dairyland had some of the best rates. I usually would compare their quotes with Progressive, The General and SafeCo. And they often had much better rates for my customers.

Because they don’t spend as much on ads, they can keep their rates low. As one of my coworkers would often say “Getting Dairyland today is like getting Progressive 10 years ago before they raised rates”.

While I think that might be difficult to compare, they offer the same coverages as Progressive. I found their rates were often even better.

Number 2: Dairyland Has Good Customer Service

One of the most important part of car insurance is customer service. Since the coverage you get is the same across carriers, customer service makes a difference. And I never had a customer complain about Dairyland Insurance Company’s support.

The one time I had to make a phone to them, it was great! I was able to get the problem resolved quickly. And there was not a long wait at all. I got to speak to a person almost immediately. They took care of the issue for my client perfectly.

Based on that experience alone, I think they are a great company.

This is important, especially if you have roadside assistance with them. They will make sure they take care of you.

Number 3: Dairyland Is A Good Insurance Company

They started out with motorcycles and then moved on to Auto and Renters insurance polices. They keep their prices low to compete with other auto insurance quotes. You may have never heard of them. But that’s okay! They don’t spend as much on fancy commercials.

They’re a bit smaller than some of the other companies. That’s actually a good thing! They know they have to have competitive prices.


If you want solid coverage with a good company, I would recommend Dairyland Insurance Company. They will take great care of you!

If for some reason they don’t sound good to you, try Root Insurance.

Feel free to drop us a comment if you’ve had them before!