Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate?

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Are auto insurance quotes accurate? Can I trust that I will pay the rates they say? Will my rate go up or down each month?

No, Auto Insurance Quotes Are Not Accurate. Well, maybe not…

In all honesty, it depends on how you got the quote and which company gave it to you. Did they ask for personal information? Did you agree to let them check your credit and driving history? If not, the quote cannot be accurate. Because most insurance companies ask for things like your profession and martial status to give you discounts, the quote can’t be accurate without them.

Also, your driving history really changes your rate. An insurance company should ask for your permission before they get that. If you didn’t agree to their terms verbally or clicking on the link, they can’t do that. Without your driving record, the quote is worthless.

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate
Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate

Without your credit history, the quote could go up. Although I rarely see the quote go down, a limited credit history could make the rate go up. Generally, they will look more at utility payment history than student loans. They are really looking to see if you are good about paying monthly bills. However, if you have several accounts in collections, this could drive up your rate.

What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?

Generally, that is not a rate you will get. In order to advertise a rate, a car insurance company has to give that rate to only one person. Unless you live in the middle of Iowa with great credit and driving history, you probably won’t get that rate. Of course, try and see what you can get. However, those ads aren’t a quote for you. They are only there to get your attention. This gets people to get click on their ad and get a quote. Don’t write off getting a quote from an ad. Just know that you may not get as cheap of a rate as the ad says.

What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?
What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?

What Should I Do To Get Accurate Auto Insurance Quotes?

Remember, real quotes ask for personal information, your driving history and credit history. So make sure you go through the company’s official website to get an accurate quotes. If you want to see what Allstate charges, go to their website. The same goes for all of the major carriers. But please, be careful of Geico. Once you have 5-10 quotes, you will have a good idea of what you will be paying. But if there is a huge variance, get more quotes. Sometimes that last quote is the winner so don’t stop looking too soon.

Summary of Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate

Now you know are auto insurance quotes accurate. You also how to know to get several quotes yourself before deciding. If you gave no personal information, the quote won’t be accurate. As always, I recommend trying Root Insurance and seeing what rate they give you.

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