Are Car Insurance Quotes Negotiable?

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Can I negotiate my car insurance quote? How can I save as much money as possible on car insurance?

Are Car Insurance Quotes Negotiable?
Are Car Insurance Quotes Negotiable?

Can I Negotiate Car Insurance Quotes?

Do negotiable car insurance quotes exist? No, you can’t negotiate on your auto insurance quote. However, there are several things you can do to get lower quotes. The most important is to get as many quotes as possible. Since each quote is really a price proposal to you, try and get as many proposals as possible. If you have 15 car insurance quotes, you’ll have many more options. Sometimes, the cheapest rate is the last one you get. Make sure you keep looking until you’re satisfied. For some people, spending a few hours to get extra quotes may not seem worth it. Just remember, $10 extra per month is an extra $120 a year. Unless you charge much more than that an hour, I would recommend putting in the time.

Of course, most car insurance policies are for either 6 or 12 months. However, usually whichever company gives you the best rate will continue to do so in the future. Personally, I have been using the same insurance carrier for the last 2 years. Even after I was involved in a car accident, they still had the lowest rates. Taking my own advice, I checked with 15 other companies just to make sure.

What Can I Do To Get My Car Insurance Quote Down?

Although you can’t find negotiable car insurance quotes, you can make sure you get all the discounts for which you qualify. You can check for any specific discounts for your state. For example, since many people in Utah do not drink alcohol, may carriers will give non-drinkers a discount. Unfortunately, that is uncommon in other places. New Jersey allows you to waive your right to tort. This means that you won’t file a lawsuit against them. Since this protects them from liability, they will usually give you a lower rate.

Usually, you can find discounts for being married, your age, low use of the vehicle, safe driving, being a good student, being a homeowner and having current auto insurance. Not all insurance companies give all of these discounts. But it is always worth asking.


Because you can’t negotiate your auto insurance quotes, you’ll want to get as many quotes as possible. This will help you make the best decision you can. Get quotes from companies you know and trust. Get quotes from companies you’ve never heard of. They should be fine. In fact, I actually got my car insurance using an app. You should check out Root Insurance today!

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