Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax?

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Do I have to pay sales tax on car insurance quotes? Do car insurance quotes include tax? This article will tell you what to expect to pay compared to your car insurance quote.

Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax?
Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax?

Paying Taxes On Car Insurance Quotes

Do car insurance quotes include tax? The saying is that the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. There are taxes on property, cars, income and even death. There are taxes for everything you buy. Luckily, services are still usually exempted from sales tax. When you pay your lawyer, he or she won’t charge you sales tax. The same holds true for insurance. The quotes you get should include any fees or taxes with them, if there are any.

What Taxes And Fees Should I Worry About?

So if I don’t have to pay sales tax, what should I worry about paying? Firstly, make sure there isn’t a producer fee. That is a fee some agents charge just to set up the policy. Since they get paid a commission, this usually isn’t necessary. If they insist, try and talk them down on the cost. Maybe they’ll take $50 instead of $200.

They may try to sell you on extra services you don’t need. They may try and convince you to buy more coverages than you need. You may not need renters or homeowners insurance. You may not need a separate roadside assistance package. Make sure you know what you’re getting before you sign.

Another thing is to double check the coverages. Do you just need liability? One time, I asked for the state minimum coverage and the agent set me up with more than state minimum. While that may be a good idea in some cases, I was a poor college student with 13+ year old car. I ended up spending more than $150 a month for liability. It was horrible! Make sure you know your numbers.

If you aren’t sure what you need, this article will help you know if you need full coverage.

Summary: Do I have to pay sales tax on car insurance quotes?

Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax? Although you may not have to worry about paying sales tax on auto insurance quotes, you need to be watchful of plenty of things. It isn’t enough to get one car insurance quote. Whatever you do, try and get at least 5-10 car insurance quotes. If you’re buying a car, try and get quotes before you buy it. It may take you a few hours to find a good rate. Whatever you do, don’t rush the process. You could end up spending $1,200 or more a year needlessly. If two hours of work saved you that, it would be like getting paid $600 an hour!

So far, Root Insurance has been the best that I have found. You can read more about them here!

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate?

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Are auto insurance quotes accurate? Can I trust that I will pay the rates they say? Will my rate go up or down each month?

No, Auto Insurance Quotes Are Not Accurate. Well, maybe not…

In all honesty, it depends on how you got the quote and which company gave it to you. Did they ask for personal information? Did you agree to let them check your credit and driving history? If not, the quote cannot be accurate. Because most insurance companies ask for things like your profession and martial status to give you discounts, the quote can’t be accurate without them.

Also, your driving history really changes your rate. An insurance company should ask for your permission before they get that. If you didn’t agree to their terms verbally or clicking on the link, they can’t do that. Without your driving record, the quote is worthless.

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate
Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate

Without your credit history, the quote could go up. Although I rarely see the quote go down, a limited credit history could make the rate go up. Generally, they will look more at utility payment history than student loans. They are really looking to see if you are good about paying monthly bills. However, if you have several accounts in collections, this could drive up your rate.

What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?

Generally, that is not a rate you will get. In order to advertise a rate, a car insurance company has to give that rate to only one person. Unless you live in the middle of Iowa with great credit and driving history, you probably won’t get that rate. Of course, try and see what you can get. However, those ads aren’t a quote for you. They are only there to get your attention. This gets people to get click on their ad and get a quote. Don’t write off getting a quote from an ad. Just know that you may not get as cheap of a rate as the ad says.

What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?
What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?

What Should I Do To Get Accurate Auto Insurance Quotes?

Remember, real quotes ask for personal information, your driving history and credit history. So make sure you go through the company’s official website to get an accurate quotes. If you want to see what Allstate charges, go to their website. The same goes for all of the major carriers. But please, be careful of Geico. Once you have 5-10 quotes, you will have a good idea of what you will be paying. But if there is a huge variance, get more quotes. Sometimes that last quote is the winner so don’t stop looking too soon.

Summary of Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate

Now you know are auto insurance quotes accurate. You also how to know to get several quotes yourself before deciding. If you gave no personal information, the quote won’t be accurate. As always, I recommend trying Root Insurance and seeing what rate they give you.

Why Is My Car Insurance Quote So High?

So why is my car insurance quote so high? How can I make the quote go down? Why is car insurance so expensive?

Why Is My Car Insurance Quote So High?
Stop Shelling Out Hundreds A Month For Car Insurance!

Here’s Why Your Car Insurance Quote Is So High

Many different things can raise your car insurance rate. Luckily, with a few changes, you can take control of your quote. However, with a few of the strategies I will give you, an affordable car insurance rate will be within your grasp.

What You Can Change To Get A Cheaper Insurance Quote

The biggest tip I can give you if you are looking for insurance today is to get as many quotes as possible. If you only contact one insurance company, they can charge you whatever they want. This is because getting the highest number of quotes empowers you to get the lowest rate. I have found that Root Insurance has been the cheapest quote I have been able to find. However, it never hurts to check companies such as Progressive, Geico, State Farm and Allstate.

But as a word of caution, don’t let an insurance agent shop your rate for you! As tempting as one-stop-shopping is, they have no reason to tell you the truth. After working at an agency that wrote insurance with 12 carriers, I can personally tell you that those agents are designed to write policies that pay their company the most.

As I have personally had to lie to customers saying there wasn’t a better rate for them while staring at a cheaper from another carrier. So if one quote costs $50 more a month but pays the agency even $1 more, they may only tell you about that quote. They aren’t there for you because they are there for the agency.

What Long Term Strategies Will Give Me The Best Rates?

This tips will help you get better insurance quotes in the future. If you are in a rush, just try the above tip first. It will be the most helpful if you don’t have time. These tips are the best practices for car insurance. I will overview how you can improve your credit, driving history and pick the right car for a low insurance rate.

Car Insurance Quote
It can feel like you are insuring a Rolls-Royce when you get your quote back!

How To Fix My Credit For Car Insurance

The way car insurance carriers measure your credit is different than banks or credit card companies. This is usually good news! FICO scores are often hard to raise quickly which is what banks evaluate. Since car insurance companies just want to make sure you pay your monthly bills, your payment history is their primary concern. So put your phone and utility bills in your name. If the power bill is in your spouse’s name, have them also get a quote. And make sure it matches the address where you will park your car at night. This can make a HUGE difference is what you pay each month. Even with the General, this can raise your insurance quote.

How To Clean Your Driving History

Your driving history can play the biggest variable role in your insurance quote. Since an accident or DUI follows you for five years, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about those. If you have a ticket, including a citation from an accident, do traffic school to get the points off of your license. This will help lower your rate. Otherwise, try to be an additional driver on another person’s policy. If they have a clean driving record, it may be cheaper to be on their plan. However, they may need to be in your household. If this isn’t an option, try my last tip.

Your Insurance Quote Is So High Because Of Your Car

Your insurance quote is so high because your car is worth too much money, The higher the value of your vehicle, the higher your rate will be. Check to see the value of your car. As a rule of thumb, an older vehicle or cheaper brand will be cheaper to insure. Actually, some of the cheapest cars to insure are antique cars.

If your car insurance is too high, you may actually try getting a cheap car to drive for a few months. If your driving record isn’t so great, a $500 car may save you $100 or more a month. After just six months, you’ll be ahead. You also may still save money if you put that car first on your policy. Discounts on second vehicles are based on a percentage. Having the junker be the first car may save you money overall.


So you now know why your car insurance quote is so high. Use these tips to get a lower rate. What tip surprised you the most? Have you used any of these strategies before? Comment below to let us know!

Get a quote from Root using this link and you’ll get $50 even if you don’t sign up!

Can Car Insurance Quotes Change Daily?

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Did your insurance agent tell you that the rates can change daily? Can Car Insurance Quotes Change Daily? We are going to find out if car insurance quotes can change daily. Read the whole article to find out and start saving money!

What Car Insurance Is Based On?

Car insurance is primarily based on the car you’re insuring, length of clean driving history, the age, gender and marital status of the driver, the driver’s driving record and credit score. The type of car you drives tells the insurance carrier a lot about you. If you are driving a sports car, you probably are more likely to speed. If you drive a VW Beetle, you may not be as likely to have an accident. The value of your car can change your rates too. This is especially true with full coverage insurance. How long you have been a safe driver is a huge part of your car insurance quote changing. If you have a clean history for 5+ years, you’ll pay less for insurance. If you got into an accident yesterday, your rate will go up.

What Is Car insurance is based on?
What insurance is based on

Because you don’t know exactly what the future holds, your driving record could change by tomorrow. I know, it sounds crazy but you never full know what is going to happen. Your age, gender and marital status are some of the primary demographics they use in giving you a quote. These aren’t too likely to change in a day, however. Your credit score may actually change, for better or worse, tomorrow depending on what accounts report. A few extra months of on time payments can keep your rate from going up. But, if your utility bill is late or a bill goes to collections, your rate may go up by the following day.

Be sure to read my article about how to get the lowest possible insurance quotes!

Yes, Car Insurance Quotes Can Change Daily

Car insurance quotes can change all the time. Nothing stops the company from changing rates when you hang up the phone, close the browser window or even before either of those. Usually, the rates actually change based on new information. That new information can be something that comes up when they run your driving record. It could also be new information the insurance company gains about the area where you live. If you think about it, car accidents happen every day. If the insurance company knows that yesterday more accidents occurred in your area than normal, it may predict that this trend will continue. This would indicate that insuring you would be riskier. In order to minimize their risk, they would increase insurance premiums.

Can Car Insurance Quotes Can Change Daily?
Yes, Car Insurance Quotes Can Change Daily

The question then becomes how often do the car insurancecompanies get new information? Since accidents happen everyday, it is save to assume that the larger companies get new information concisely. The information is then crunched by the underwriting department. Therefore, the bigger the company, the more likely it is that the car insurance quote can change daily.

My experiences with changing rates.

Personally, I have found that rates usually stay the same for about a week. After a week or so, it becomes more likely that those rates will go up. That being said, any change on your driving profile can change things immediately. Because there is uncertainty in your car insurance quote, go ahead and get insurance as quickly as you can. If you’re not ready to pay for insurance right now, Root Insurance gives one of the most stable quotes I have ever seen.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes

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Are you trying to save on car insurance quotes? No one wants to pay more than they have to pay for car insurance. Some people don’t know how to shop their rates. If you haven’t checked rates lately, here are some tips on how to save money on car insurance quotes.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes
How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes

What Is A Car Insurance Quote?

A car insurance quote usually starts with an estimation of what your rates would be. From the estimation, you can decide if it is worth having them run your credit score and driving record. After they verify the information you gave them, then they give you an official quote. This quote should be exactly what you pay each month for the length of the insurance term.

So I May Not Pay The Rate I Saw Online?

Unfortunately, a lot of the car insurance quote websites don’t have enough information to give you a fully accurate quote. They may give you a number but that number may change. Insurance isn’t like buying milk. The price isn’t the same for everybody. It is an approve process much like getting a credit card.

Just as you might get a lower interest rate from CapitalOne than I get, I may get a lower quote from Geico than you get. There are multiple factors that decide how much the insurance company will charge you for auto insurance. Although this may seem unfair, the rates are based on the perceived risk of insuring you. The good news is that once you know what drives your rate up, you can change a few things to lower your cost.

What Determines My Car Insurance Quote?

The biggest factors that determine your insurance quote are: the vehicle you are insuring, your zip code, your age, your gender, your marital status, driving history and credit score. I will explore each of these factors in more detail. This will let you know how to get cheaper insurance.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes With Your Car

The car you drive can make a huge impact on your car insurance rates

The car you drive can make a huge impact on your car insurance rates. This is especially true of full coverage car insurance but affects liability rates too. As you can imagine, an insurance company having to replace a $100,000 brand new BMW is going to be more expensive to insure than a $2,000 15 year old Ford Focus. This means that the BMW would probably cost more to buy and insure. Should this be the only deciding factor in buying a car? No. However, it should be a consideration, especially if you will have a car payment.

In general, older cars are cheaper to insure. They usually use an estimate that is similar to what the Kelly Blue Book value of your used car. Some of the cheapest cars to insure are actually antique cars. I have seen someone who was paying about $100 a month for a normal car insurance rate but it went down to $19 with a policy for an antique T-Bird from the early 1990s. So if you have an old T-Bird, Mustang or Camaro that is in good running order, you may want to consider making it your daily driver.

Hybrids and electric cars are also usually more expensive to insure. This is probably because their batteries can be costly to replace after an accident. Also, they usually require specially trained mechanics to assess damage or make repairs. However, you still might save more money on gas with a hybrid or electric car than your rate goes up.

How Can My Zip Code Help Me Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes?

The number of accidents, stop lights, roundabouts, stop signs and more can change how much car insurance costs. While I highly doubt it would be worth moving to save money on car insurance, it’s something you should factor into relocation costs. If you want to see how much your rates will vary, try looking at insurance estimates (without running your credit score and driving record) both where you currently live and where you are about to move.

Can My Age Affect My Insurance Rates?

Kinda. While, you know how everyone says that your car insurance rates go down after you turn 25? That’s not entirely true. It isn’t about age so much as how long you have had a clean driving record. The exception to this being that younger people, especially teenage boys, are usually more expensive to insure. They do base rates off of how likely someone your age would have an accident.

Generally, assuming you started driving at 16, if you are about 25-65, you will get the best rates based on age. After about 65-75, you will actually start to see your insurance rates increase.

Can My Age Affect My Insurance Rates?

Can My Marital Status Affect My Insurance Rates?

Yes! Married people, especially men, are less likely to get into car accidents. You actually get a discount for being married. Getting a divorce can raise your car insurance rates a bit because you will be considered single again. The good news for divorcees is that they usually are in a better age bracket and have cleaner driving histories than they did before their marriage so their rates might not actually go up at all.

Can My Marital Status Affect My Insurance Rates?

How Does My Driving History Change My Can Insurance Quotes?

Your driving history probably plays the biggest role in determining your car insurance rates. I have seen people with absolutely horrible driving records get unbelievable high rates. I once talked to a man who had several accidents, DUIs and tickets get a quote north of $750 a month for liability! The more accidents you’ve been in, the more likely it is that you will be in another in the near future. The more tickets you have, the higher your rate will be. If you have a DUI, please go and get a lawyer to help you fight it. If you get a ticket, traffic school is probably worth it.

Tickets and moving violations stay on your driving record for 3 years. Accidents and insurance claims stay on your driving record for 5 years. Please tell the agent who is quoting you about everything on your driving record. It is much better for a few things to come down and your rate be lower than you thought than to lie and go through the whole process of getting a quote for the rate to double or triple and it be out of your price range.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes With A Good Credit History

I have never seen a good credit score lower someone’s rates but I have seen people’s rates skyrocket and the insurance carrier even rejecting them because of a bad payment history. The good news is that this credit check usually has less to do with your FICO score and more to do with your payment history.

If you have utilities in your name, installment loans that you pay every month and a history of paying car insurance on time, you should be fine. However, not paying these bills or having several accounts in collections may make an insurance company think twice about you.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes With A Good Credit History


Now you should be empowered to take control of your car insurance rates. You now know all of the primary factors that can change your insurance quote. I invite all my readers to get a quote from Root Insurance because they have given me the best quotes I have been able to find. Also, if you download the app and get a quote with my link, they will give us both $50 gift cards, even if you don’t sign up! So try it out and let me know how it goes!

You can check out my full review here.

When Is Liability A Bad Idea?

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Is it always better to have liability instead of full coverage? This article will help you know which car insurance choice is the best one for your situation.

What Is Liability Coverage?

In order to know when liability is a bad idea, you need to understand what it is. Liability auto insurance covers the other driver if you are at-fault in an accident. Most states require all drivers to have this type of insurance before they can drive on public roads. Naturally, this makes sense. You wouldn’t want someone to hit your car and not pay for the damage or resulting medical bills. That would be horrible! So when that happens, their insurance company has to pay for your restitution.

When Is Liability A Bad Idea
Why You Might Need Better Car Insurance

Why Would I Want More Than Liability?

Being the state minimum requirement, liability is tempting for most people’s first choice. However, there are times when it simply may not be enough coverage. For example, full coverage is what you would want if you are at-fault or there’s a natural disaster. If you are in a hit and run, uninsured coverage would pay to fix your car. Underinsured coverage can take care of you if the other driver’s insurance is insufficient.

In general, insurance is something you hope you’ll never need. Unfortunately, you have to buy it before you need it in order to use it. For example, you can’t add on full coverage insurance the day after you caused an accident to get your car fixed. You have to have it beforehand. People seem to overestimate their driving ability. What’s worse is that, sometimes, another driver causes the accident but you get the blame. This is horrible but know that even not-at-fault accidents can raise your rates.

When Liability Is A Bad Idea

Choosing liability is a bad idea when you or your neighborhood are accident prone. I just recently found out that two of my friends have all had accidents on the same highway where I had my first accident. In at least one of the cases, it was not my friend’s fault. During high school, my father accidentally rear ended a car when the bus in front of the two cars stomped on their breaks at the last second. Sadly, he later ended up junking the car. This all happened just weeks after he switched from full coverage to liability. If he had paid a little extra for just one or two months, he would still have this car 10+ years later.

When Liability Is A Liability
When Liability Is A Liability

Liability is a horrible idea when you still own money on your car. Full coverage isusually a requirement of your car loan. Also, can you imagine making your car payment without having a car? If you are somehow ruled at-fault, you may have to take on two car payments. Worse yet, you may not have a way to get to work and still have to make your payment each month.

You may also want to look into getting gap insurance. You can get it either when you purchase your car or with some auto insurance plans. It will pay the difference if you are upside down in your car loan and total your car.

If you are very risk-adverse, don’t get liability. If knowing that hail could damage your car while you sleep will keep you up at night, get full coverage.


Sometimes paying a bit more for piece of mind is worth it. If your car would be expensive to repair after a reck, you might need more than liability. Generally, if your car is less than 10 years old or financed, get full coverage. Otherwise, it may be worth it to go with liability and save the difference. However, Root Insurance gave me such a good rate, I ended up going for full coverage. Check out my review of them!

Do I Really Need Full Coverage?

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One of the biggest questions you will be asked while shopping for car insurance is wither you want liability or full coverage. This article will help you answer that question and make an informed decision for yourself.

Let’s Start With Liability Coverage

As the name suggests, liability covers the damage that you do to another driver. Not only does this save you from having to pay to fix someone’s car, it also covers their medical bills, up to a certain limit. The main reason people get liability insurance is actually because it is usually a requirement to legally drive. In several states, it is actually a felony to drive without car insurance. These states may put you in jail for driving for a day without current insurance.

Most other states will issue a ticket if you are caught driving without insurance. Either way, either of these actions will be on your driving record for years and increase the price when you actually get insurance again.

What Is Liability Insurance?
What Is Liability Insurance?

Many people opt for liability because it is the cheapest option to legally drive. Since no one really wants car insurance, they want to choose the cheapest option. However, if you are ever at-fault in an accident, liability won’t do anything for you. They won’t fix your car, and, depending on the state, may not cover any of your medical bills.

What Is Full Coverage?

Full coverage car insurance is collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to liability coverage. It usually ends up being about twice the price of only liability. Side note: some states also require personal injury protection. Collision insurance is for if you are in an accident and it is deemed your fault.

It is import to know that even some accidents you did not cause may list you as the driver at-fault. In those cases, you would either have to pay out-of-pocket to repair your car or buy a new one yourself. Since this can be a costly coverage for an insurance company, collision is usually one of the most expensive coverage options.

Do I Need Full Coverage On My Car?
Do I Need Full Coverage On My Car?

Usually, comprehensive must accompany collision coverage. This way, if there is wind, hail or other damages, the insurance company will pay to fix your car. It usually ends up adding less to the bill than collision but most carriers will not let you have one coverage without the other. With both, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, you should be able to have your car repaired.

Do I Need Full Coverage?

Great question! The easy answer is that if you have a car payment, you need full coverage. However, this question becomes harder after you pay off your car. Generally, if your car is under 10 years old or you live in an area with a lot of careless drivers, I would opt for full coverage. If your car would cost a lot to replace, get the full coverage.

If it ends up being only a few dollars more a month, get full coverage. I literally sleep better at night knowing that, even if I reck my car, I can have it fixed or replaced. Since I usually don’t have an extra $10,000 to spare, I have found the extra cost to be worth it.

Why Do I Need Full Coverage If My Car Is Financed?

Unfortunately, most car financiers require full coverage. Since newer cars are usually more expensive to insure, adding on full coverage makes your expenses go up even more. The reason is so that if you are in an accident, they won’t be left empty handed if you no longer make payments.

It never hurts to double check with the finance company before getting insurance. Generally, your premium will go down as the car deprecates in value. In fact, sometimes it makes more sense to buy an older car just to save money on your car insurance.

Is My Old Car Worth It?

If your car is old or worth less than about $3,000-5,000 I would opt for liability only. You can save up the money you save each month toward a downpayment on a new car. Let’s say you save $75 a month by opting for the state minimum requirements. Over a year with an accident, that’s $900!

Does My Old Car Need Full Coverage
Is My Old Car Worth It?

However, be careful that you actually save up the difference in cost. I would recommend using a separate checking or savings account to stay off the temptation to spend the extra money. Human nature is to spend more money as we see more in our checking account. The last thing you want to happen is to get liability to save money and then spend it all on something else.

If you only have liability and are in an at-fault accident, you won’t have a car. Without enough money for a new downpayment, you may be in a tough situation.

When Is It Worth It To Add Full Coverage?

Despite the above information, sometimes it makes sense to get full coverage. This is only when the difference in price is smaller enough to justify adding it on. With Root Insurance, I found that it barely added $10 a month to my bill. For piece of mind, my wife and I elected to add it on. For us, it was worth it to spend a bit more but not worry when we drive in the snow. However, if it were twice as expensive to add full coverage, we would have stuck to liability. Root is the only company I have seen who made it that close in price for full coverage.

Be sure to check out my full Root review right here!


So now you should know the difference between full coverage and liability insurance. Liability coverage is usually the only requirement for car insurance but it does vary from state to state. You will want to verify those requirements. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. Have you ever been glad you had full coverage after an accident?

Where Can I Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?

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Looking to see where can I compare auto insurance quotes? How many auto insurance quotes should I get? Save money by finding the best quote!

Where Can I Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?
Where Can I Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?

Why Should I Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?

Why is it important to compare auto insurance quotes? It is really worth my time? You should compare rates because insurance is a monthly bill. As long as you drive a vehicle, you need auto insurance. Because of this, even a small savings can amount to a large sum. $20 a month of savings can be an extra $240 in a year. For most people, the savings can be even larger.

When I switched from Allstate to Root, I got better coverages and saved over $100 a month! An extra $1,200 a year is a big deal for most people. Could you imagine saving that much with just a little bit of comparing prices? This is especially beneficial for retirees and middle class families. The smaller the wiggle room in your budget, the more important is it.

The issue with getting one quote is that you will never know if it is high or low. When I signed up for Allstate, I didn’t shop around. Unlike an iPhone or gallon of milk, insurance prices vary dramatically. One company may charge twice as much as another. Due to lack of accessibility, it is hard to compare prices. Generally, if you only get one quote, you lose.

How Long Should I Spend On Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes?

Generally, people are busy. Of course, getting each quote takes time. However, it’s worth it to spend the time to get each quote. To save time, some people like to go to insurance agents who represent several companies. However, there can be some issues in doing that. Insurance agents have no fiduciary duty to you. If they have two rates in front of them, they may give you whatever pays them more. There are definitely good agents out there but be careful.

Also, sometimes carriers’ rates may be more through an agency. Did you see the small print on the Progressive ad? It usually says that rates vary by how you buy. In the agency where I worked, people often said they couldn’t find lower rates for themselves. If they can’t do that for themselves, why would they do that for you?

How Many Quotes Should I Get?

The short answer is as many as possible. Most of the time, I recommend 10-15 or more quotes. This will give you a good idea as to about what you will pay. This should also be enough to find one of the cheapest rates in your area. Of course, there is always a chance there will be a lower rate. If you are finding a huge range of quotes, keep looking. However, if all the rates are close ($5-25) then you are probably okay to stop looking.

Just remember that savings will add up over time. For example, if you make $25 an hour, it may not seem worth your time. However, even if searching only saves you $25 a month, that would be worth 12 hours of your time.

Don’t give up until you get those 10+ quotes!

Where Can I Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?

There are several comparison quote websites. This quotes are usually good but not perfect. There also usually get paid for generating leads. I would try not to give them a cell phone number, if possible. You can check out Insurify, NerdWallet, Gabi, and The Zebra.

However, once you find a good quote, I would go straight to the company’s website to sign up. Make sure they aren’t raising your rate by using a comparison service.


Now you know why you should compare auto insurance quotes, how long you should spend, how many quotes to get and where you can compare several quotes. Remember to always be careful and double check everything. An independent agent or comparison website may have a cost. However, they may also save you time and money. Always do your research.

Personally, I always go with Root Insurance. I have had the best experience with them. If you use my link, they’ll actually give us both $50, even if you don’t sign up. You should try them and let me know what you think in the comments!