3 Reasons Dairyland Might Be The Next Big Insurance Company

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Dairyland Car Insurance
Dairyland Car Insurance

What Is Dairyland Auto Insurance? What Is Dairyland’s 800 Number for Customer Service or Claims? Is Dairyland A Good or Legit Insurance Company?

800 Number For Dairyland

Looking for the phone number for Dairyland? For policy questions, claims, or making a payment, Call 800-334-0090.

Number 1: Dairyland Has Great Rates

In my time as a car insurance agent, I found Dairyland had some of the best rates. I usually would compare their quotes with Progressive, The General and SafeCo. And they often had much better rates for my customers.

Because they don’t spend as much on ads, they can keep their rates low. As one of my coworkers would often say “Getting Dairyland today is like getting Progressive 10 years ago before they raised rates”.

While I think that might be difficult to compare, they offer the same coverages as Progressive. I found their rates were often even better.

Number 2: Dairyland Has Good Customer Service

One of the most important part of car insurance is customer service. Since the coverage you get is the same across carriers, customer service makes a difference. And I never had a customer complain about Dairyland Insurance Company’s support.

The one time I had to make a phone to them, it was great! I was able to get the problem resolved quickly. And there was not a long wait at all. I got to speak to a person almost immediately. They took care of the issue for my client perfectly.

Based on that experience alone, I think they are a great company.

This is important, especially if you have roadside assistance with them. They will make sure they take care of you.

Number 3: Dairyland Is A Good Insurance Company

They started out with motorcycles and then moved on to Auto and Renters insurance polices. They keep their prices low to compete with other auto insurance quotes. You may have never heard of them. But that’s okay! They don’t spend as much on fancy commercials.

They’re a bit smaller than some of the other companies. That’s actually a good thing! They know they have to have competitive prices.


If you want solid coverage with a good company, I would recommend Dairyland Insurance Company. They will take great care of you!

If for some reason they don’t sound good to you, try Root Insurance.

Feel free to drop us a comment if you’ve had them before!

Is Root A Good Car Insurance?

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Is Root Insurance a good car insurance to have? Will I be protected if I choose them? You can learn how you can save 62% on your car insurance and still be covered.

Root Insurance App Quote

What Makes A Car Insurance Company Good?

Usually, a good car insurance company differs from the bar by their customer service, rates, and coverages. The rate a car insurance company gives you is usually the deciding factor in selecting a carrier. Of course, all car insurance companies must offer nearly identical coverage options. Because of this, comparing coverages is unnecessary. However, rates from different car insurance companies differ greatly.

Customer service varies greatly between insurance companies. Some outsource their customer support to third world countries. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this. However, I have found that it sometimes creates a language and cultural barrier. Luckily, I have only had US-based customer support with Root Insurance. And they have always been helpful to me.

Root’s rates are some of the lowest I have ever seen. Personally, I haven’t seen other companies’ rates even get close to Root’s. As far as rates go, Root is probably the way to go. Of course, I would always recommend shopping rates. Because car insurance rates can vary wildly, please get at least 5-10 car insurance quotes.

Coverages must be the same across carriers. Having full coverage with Geico is the same full coverage as Root. The only exception is that certain carriers have different extras you may add. For example, some offer roadside or gap coverages for an addition fee. One thing that is great about Root is they include free roadside!

What Is Root Insurance?

Root is a startup technology-based insurance carrier. They are different in that they track how you drive before they give you a rate. Because of that, they can offer lower rates to safe drivers. Then they pass the savings on to you. Although they are a fairly new company, they are stable. All insurance companies must have cash reserves to pay for the coverages they provide.

Do I Have To Worry About Root Insurance?

Because of US government regulation, all legal insurance companies are safe. They have huge requirements to make sure they can cover your policy. Insurance also follows the law of large numbers. They have mathematicians running their numbers. They ensure the company has enough money to pay out for right number of policy holders every month. Insurance companies also spend money on reinsurance. This lets them share risk with another insurance company.


Is Root A Good Car Insurance? Yes! Based on my experience, they are great. In fact, I’ve been recommending them to my friends and family for years.

Are you looking for how to get in touch with Root Insurance? Try this post!

Root Insurance 800 Number

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What is Root Insurance 800 number? So how do you get in touch with Root customer service? Find the phone number for Root Insurance here!

Root Insurance App Quote

Which Root Insurance Department?

Like most insurance companies, Root Insurance has multiple departments. Before you dial, you’ll want to make sure you’re calling the right place. Of course, they probably can route your call but that takes time.

For customer service, call 866-980-9431 or email [email protected]. So you know, their hours are 9am-8pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. And they try to answer emails within 48 hours.

For Root Roadside Assistance, call 844-271-4357 or email [email protected].

If you’re filing a car insurance or renters insurance claim, the app is usually best. However, you can file them online or over the phone. If you are filing a new claim, use their customer service line: 866-980-9431. And if you are following up on an existing claim, call 866-489-1985.

Filing a home insurance claim is usually best in the app. But if you need to call them, call 844-208-0665.

Are You Looking For Root Insurance’s Address?

They list their claims address as 80 E Rich Street, Suite 500, Columbus, OH 43215.

If you’re in an accident, this might be helpful for your lawyer as they often have to send in paperwork to the insurance carrier. Naturally, I would recommend using the address only if you have to use it. Usually, you can get the information to them electronically.

Should I File A Claim?

What to know if you should file a claim with Root Insurance? If you were in an accident, file a claim. Get them all the information you they need. This way, they’ll be able to take care of you.

If it is a small accident, sometimes the drivers will work things out without involving the insurance companies. If that’s the case, you may not need to file a claim. However, that can be risky. So make sure you always get the same information you share with them.


And now you know the 800 number for Root Insurance, their address and a bit of if you should file a claim with them.

But if you haven’t already, get a quote from Root Insurance.

And if you’re looking for information on getting car insurance quotes, read this article.

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Best App For Car Insurance Quotes

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What is the best app for car insurance quotes? Why should I use an app instead of going into an insurance office? How can an app save me money on car insurance?

What Is An App For Car Insurance Quotes?

There are a couple different types of apps you can use to get a car insurance quote. The traditional apps are basically just rebranded websites in the form of a smartphone app. However, the better set of apps actually base your rate off of the way you drive. The choice is up to you. Would you like to just get a State Farm or Geico Quote? Download their app or use their websites. But if you are a good driver, why not try one of these apps and see if you can get an even lower rate?

Best App For Car Insurance Quotes
What Is The Best App For Car Insurance Quotes?

Traditional Car Insurance App Quotes

These are no different than simply clicking on Allstate.com, Gabi.com or pretty much any other website. Unless your smartphone is your primary internet browsing device, I would recommend not using these apps. They will take up space on your phone, might use some of your limited data for the month, it may take several minutes for them to download, might get in the way of finding apps you are looking for and, more or less, have the same exact utility as the carrier’s website. Just use their website and see what quotes they give you.

The Best Apps For Car Insurance Quotes

These apps are great! If you have a few marks on your driving history or not the best credit report, these apps are probably your best bet at getting a cheap car insurance quote. Even if you have a great driving history, these apps will probably save you a bundle every month. I found that I could get much better coverage at almost 1/3 of the price with Root instead of Allstate. How is this possible?

How Root Insurance Saved Me Money

Root Insurance works by having you install their app and tracking how you drive. They track things like how often you drive, what hours of the day you drive and how you accelerate and decelerate. With this information, they chose which drivers to insure. By being picking about who they approve, they can avoid having to pay out on accidents. This savings allows them to give you great rates and still make money. They also avoid some of the larger expenses that other insurance carriers have. They seem to focus on viral digital marketing instead of television ads, for example. With a focus on keeping costs down, they are usually the cheapest around. When I sold insurance, I checked my insurance rates with several carriers. Being appointed with 11 of them, I got a glimpse into auto insurance quotes most people don’t. I found that they beat all of the carriers I tried. About a year and a half later, I tried again but I couldn’t beat them. Root has some of the best insurance rates. Because they saved me so much money, I believe they are the best app for car insurance quotes.

Root Insurance App Quote


There you have it! Now you know which apps to download and which to avoid when looking for the best car insurance rate. If you want to learn more about Root Insurance, click here to read my review. It tells you the top five reasons I believe they are the best car insurance company right now. Or, if you would rather just get a quote with them, click this link.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes

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Are you trying to save on car insurance quotes? No one wants to pay more than they have to pay for car insurance. Some people don’t know how to shop their rates. If you haven’t checked rates lately, here are some tips on how to save money on car insurance quotes.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes
How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes

What Is A Car Insurance Quote?

A car insurance quote usually starts with an estimation of what your rates would be. From the estimation, you can decide if it is worth having them run your credit score and driving record. After they verify the information you gave them, then they give you an official quote. This quote should be exactly what you pay each month for the length of the insurance term.

So I May Not Pay The Rate I Saw Online?

Unfortunately, a lot of the car insurance quote websites don’t have enough information to give you a fully accurate quote. They may give you a number but that number may change. Insurance isn’t like buying milk. The price isn’t the same for everybody. It is an approve process much like getting a credit card.

Just as you might get a lower interest rate from CapitalOne than I get, I may get a lower quote from Geico than you get. There are multiple factors that decide how much the insurance company will charge you for auto insurance. Although this may seem unfair, the rates are based on the perceived risk of insuring you. The good news is that once you know what drives your rate up, you can change a few things to lower your cost.

What Determines My Car Insurance Quote?

The biggest factors that determine your insurance quote are: the vehicle you are insuring, your zip code, your age, your gender, your marital status, driving history and credit score. I will explore each of these factors in more detail. This will let you know how to get cheaper insurance.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes With Your Car

The car you drive can make a huge impact on your car insurance rates

The car you drive can make a huge impact on your car insurance rates. This is especially true of full coverage car insurance but affects liability rates too. As you can imagine, an insurance company having to replace a $100,000 brand new BMW is going to be more expensive to insure than a $2,000 15 year old Ford Focus. This means that the BMW would probably cost more to buy and insure. Should this be the only deciding factor in buying a car? No. However, it should be a consideration, especially if you will have a car payment.

In general, older cars are cheaper to insure. They usually use an estimate that is similar to what the Kelly Blue Book value of your used car. Some of the cheapest cars to insure are actually antique cars. I have seen someone who was paying about $100 a month for a normal car insurance rate but it went down to $19 with a policy for an antique T-Bird from the early 1990s. So if you have an old T-Bird, Mustang or Camaro that is in good running order, you may want to consider making it your daily driver.

Hybrids and electric cars are also usually more expensive to insure. This is probably because their batteries can be costly to replace after an accident. Also, they usually require specially trained mechanics to assess damage or make repairs. However, you still might save more money on gas with a hybrid or electric car than your rate goes up.

How Can My Zip Code Help Me Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes?

The number of accidents, stop lights, roundabouts, stop signs and more can change how much car insurance costs. While I highly doubt it would be worth moving to save money on car insurance, it’s something you should factor into relocation costs. If you want to see how much your rates will vary, try looking at insurance estimates (without running your credit score and driving record) both where you currently live and where you are about to move.

Can My Age Affect My Insurance Rates?

Kinda. While, you know how everyone says that your car insurance rates go down after you turn 25? That’s not entirely true. It isn’t about age so much as how long you have had a clean driving record. The exception to this being that younger people, especially teenage boys, are usually more expensive to insure. They do base rates off of how likely someone your age would have an accident.

Generally, assuming you started driving at 16, if you are about 25-65, you will get the best rates based on age. After about 65-75, you will actually start to see your insurance rates increase.

Can My Age Affect My Insurance Rates?

Can My Marital Status Affect My Insurance Rates?

Yes! Married people, especially men, are less likely to get into car accidents. You actually get a discount for being married. Getting a divorce can raise your car insurance rates a bit because you will be considered single again. The good news for divorcees is that they usually are in a better age bracket and have cleaner driving histories than they did before their marriage so their rates might not actually go up at all.

Can My Marital Status Affect My Insurance Rates?

How Does My Driving History Change My Can Insurance Quotes?

Your driving history probably plays the biggest role in determining your car insurance rates. I have seen people with absolutely horrible driving records get unbelievable high rates. I once talked to a man who had several accidents, DUIs and tickets get a quote north of $750 a month for liability! The more accidents you’ve been in, the more likely it is that you will be in another in the near future. The more tickets you have, the higher your rate will be. If you have a DUI, please go and get a lawyer to help you fight it. If you get a ticket, traffic school is probably worth it.

Tickets and moving violations stay on your driving record for 3 years. Accidents and insurance claims stay on your driving record for 5 years. Please tell the agent who is quoting you about everything on your driving record. It is much better for a few things to come down and your rate be lower than you thought than to lie and go through the whole process of getting a quote for the rate to double or triple and it be out of your price range.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes With A Good Credit History

I have never seen a good credit score lower someone’s rates but I have seen people’s rates skyrocket and the insurance carrier even rejecting them because of a bad payment history. The good news is that this credit check usually has less to do with your FICO score and more to do with your payment history.

If you have utilities in your name, installment loans that you pay every month and a history of paying car insurance on time, you should be fine. However, not paying these bills or having several accounts in collections may make an insurance company think twice about you.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance Quotes With A Good Credit History


Now you should be empowered to take control of your car insurance rates. You now know all of the primary factors that can change your insurance quote. I invite all my readers to get a quote from Root Insurance because they have given me the best quotes I have been able to find. Also, if you download the app and get a quote with my link, they will give us both $50 gift cards, even if you don’t sign up! So try it out and let me know how it goes!

You can check out my full review here.

5 Reasons Root Insurance May Be The Best Insurance Company

Disclosure: The ads and links on this website may promote products. We may receive compensation. Always check with legal professionals before making any financial decision.

Have you seen the ads or heard about Root Insurance? What makes them different from other insurance carriers? Can I really save 62% off of my auto insurance? Here is my Root Insurance Review!

Number 1: No Commissioned Sales Agents

When you buy car insurance, about 5-15% of that is just a paycheck for your insurance agent. There is nothing wrong with sales agents making a living but think about how much you could save by cutting out the middle man. Root doesn’t use use insurance agents to sell their products. Instead, they rely on internet marketing and word-of-mouth to find new clients. In fact, if you want to get a free $50, just use my link to get a quote and they’ll send you a gift card even if you don’t sign up for their insurance. Marketing this way allows them to keep their costs down and pass the savings on to you.

Number 2: Root Insurance Only Insures Good Drivers

Because only a small portion of drivers drive up the cost of the insurance company paying out for accidents, Root Insurance decided to not cover the types of drivers who are more likely to cost the company money. This is another way Root saves money which lets them keep their rates low.

Root Insurance Review

Number 3: Your Rate Is Based On Your Driving

Although several companies now will give you discounts for letting them track how you drive, Root is the only one I know of where they factor that discount into your quote. They do it through just an app on your phone. No worrying about having to return expensive equipment or plugging something into your car. You also get to have that savings during your very first month with them.

Number 4: Root Insurance Has Great Customer Service

Unfortunately, I did get in a car accident after switching to Root. I was worried at first but they took good care of me. You take photos of the accident right inside the app and upload it to someone who will help with your case. They can email, call or text you so it’s easy to be in touch with them. Everyone I talked to was US-based so there isn’t any cultural or linguistic differences to overcome in communicating with them.

Root Insurance Customer Service

Number 5: Root Has The Lowest Car Rates I’ve Ever Seen

When working in insurance, I could check rates with 12 different carriers. Root beat them all. It wasn’t even close. I believe Progressive Insurance was the next best at more than twice the price for just liability vs having full coverage with Root. I ended up saving more like 70+% on car insurance when I switched to them. Really, just get a quote. It usually takes a couple weeks after you start it. Either way, you’ll get a $50 gift card for just having it run in the background on your phone. If their rates aren’t better, you don’t have to pay them anything but you still get the $50. What do you have to lose other than maybe a bit of battery charge?

Download The App And Take Root For A Spin!

That’s it for my Root Insurance review!

Top 5 Reasons To Never Get Geico Insurance

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In this article, you will learn the top 5 reasons why you should say “no” to Geico Insurance for your Autos, House, or Renters Insurance. Make sure you read this before signing up for insurance!

Top 5 Reasons To Never Get Geico Insurance
Top 5 Reasons To Never Get Geico Insurance

Reason Number 1 To Never Get Geico Insurance: Your Geico Quote Isn’t Real

The jingle “15 Minutes Could Save You 15% or more on Car Insurance” may mislead some viewers. It’s true that you can get a quote in about that amount of time but it has some major drawbacks. The biggest is that because they often don’t run your driving record until after you pay for your first month. I know several people who signed up for Geico and are shocked when that 2 year old speeding ticket or 4 1/2 year old not-at-fault accident they forgot about shows up on their record and their rate skyrockets.

Reason Number 2 To Never Get Geico Insurance: You Could End Up Owing Geico Money

Because they end up running your reports later, if there is an up-charge in your rate, you will usually find out about it the following month. Hypothetically, let’s say the quote is for $85 a month for your car. After you pay that, get insured and drive with their insurance for a month, Geico finds an accident on your record from two years ago. Not only will your insurance go up to, say, $350 a month but now they will charge you the difference for the first month during your second month. You were expecting a bill for $85 but instead you have a bill for $615! If your bank account doesn’t have that, you’ll end up with an overdraft fee, canceled insurance and you’ll still owe Geico $265 for that first month! This may actually prevent you from being able to get car insurance from another carrier.

Reason Number 2 To Never Get Geico Insurance: You Could End Up Owing Geico Money
Reason Number 2 To Never Get Geico Insurance: You Could End Up Owing Geico Money

Number 3: You’ll Pay For Their Ads

We all have our favorite television commercials but, remember, the customers of the business are usually footing the advertising bill. Geico spends so much on advertising that their rates are higher than a company that doesn’t have that expense. If you find a Geico ad annoying, be sure to thank your neighbor for paying for it.

Reason Number 4 To Never Get Geico Insurance: They May Classify Incidents The Wrong Way

This comes from an experience I had selling car insurance over the phone. I was speaking to a man who said he had a collision incident of running into a deer about 2 year prior to calling me for a quote. I was ready to set him up with a SafeCo policy that would’ve ended up giving me about a $120 commission. All excited to save money on his insurance, he gave me permission to run his record. I ran his driving record and saw that the incident was characterized as an at-fault car accident. Because he was a high risk driver, SafeCo ended up rejecting him completely! Either he wasn’t telling the truth or someone at Geico messed up on paperwork.

Reason Number 4 To Never Get Geico Insurance: They May Classify Incidents The Wrong Way
Reason Number 4 To Never Get Geico Insurance: They May Classify Incidents The Wrong Way

Reason Number 5 To Never Get Geico Insurance: Their Rates Aren’t Always Competitive

Geico is the second largest auto insurer in the US. Some people have found their rates to be some of the lowest. They can keep rates low because it is unlikely they will have to pay out for many accidents compared to their number of policyholders. However, whatever they charge you above costs are profit. I have often found several smaller insurance carriers to have much better rates. Smaller insurance carriers often don’t have billions to spend on national advertising. To attract customers, they often attempt to have the lowest possible rates. It usually doesn’t matter which car insurance company you chose. Because insurance companies are highly regulated requiring them to have huge cash reserves. The only thing that really matters is the cost of their premium.


That’s it! Those are my top 5 reasons to never get Geico insurance. What do you think? If you’ve had a great experience with them, be sure to leave a comment about it. Of course, getting a quote with them shouldn’t hurt but be weary that it could increase at a later date!

If you want to know which company I recommend for car insurance, read my review here!

Or just get a quote with Root Insurance today!