Car Insurance Quotes Delaware

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Are you looking for car insurance quotes in Delaware? This article will help you find all the best places to find auto insurance in Delaware.

Car Insurance Quotes Delaware
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Do You Need Car Insurance In Delaware?

Yes! In The state of Delaware all drivers need car insurance. You can’t legally drive without car insurance. In fact, the first offense of driving without insurance is $1,500. It only goes up from there! You’ll want to make sure you have insurance before you get behind the wheel.

What Type Of Car Insurance Do I Need?

In Delaware, drivers need liability coverage. The state minimum requirement is $25,000 for bodily injury or death to one person, $50,000 for more than one person and $10,000 for property damage per accident. You also must maintain personal injury protection. You must have $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident and $5,000 for funeral expenses. However, you may want more coverage, depending on your situation.

Which Car Insurance Companies Are In Delaware?

Although not an extensive list, here are a few of the companies you may what to check for car insurance quotes in Delaware.

  • Root Insurance
  • USAA
  • Travelers
  • Cal Casualty
  • Nationwide
  • MetLife
  • Donegal Mutual
  • State Farm
  • Progressive
  • Allstate
  • Sentry
  • American Family
  • Liberty Mutual
  • National Grange
  • Geico
  • Erie Insurance

Erie and Geico actually look like two of the cheaper carriers in the state.

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive In Delaware?

There are several reasons why your car insurance may be so expensive. Some of these are true regardless of the state. However, the relative high personal injury protection requirements may be why it is pricy. It has one of the highest PIP requirements in the nation. Although this may be helpful after an accident, it is big risk to the insurer. They may have to pay out $50,000 to the other party and $35,000 to the one who caused the accident, in case of death. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.


Now you know that you must have insurance in Delaware. You know the state minimum requirements. You also have a list of some places to look for quotes. Try and get at least 10 quotes before you pick a carrier.

Root Insurance Is Now In Delaware!

So you should download their app since they have the best rates I have seen. Also, they’ll give you $50 just for getting the quote if you download the app here!

Are Car Insurance Quotes Free?

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Do I have to pay for quotes? Are car insurance quotes free? How can I get free car insurance quotes?

Are Car Insurance Quotes Free?
Are Auto Insurance Quotes Free?

What Is A Car Insurance Quote?

A quote is the estimated cost of a product or service. With car insurance, getting a quote is the first step in getting coverage. Because you can’t agree to buy something not knowing its price, insurance companies have to give you a quote.

However, quotes can change. Unlike a normal price, a quote isn’t necessary guarantee. With any good quote, they will check your driving and credit history. However, these are only some of the factors in a rate. Even an increase in car accidents in your area can raise your rate.

Why Are Car Insurance Quotes Free?

Since a quote is a tool for an insurance agency to get you as a client, they are free. How would you know if you could afford a rate without a number? To get you as a customer, they have to tell you the price. If they charged you money for a quote, you’d be less likely to buy their product. Car insurance quotes will probably always be free.

These quotes are how the companies compete for your business. However, since insurance is an application process, it takes time to get each quote. One way they can keep your rates high is by discouraging you from getting quotes from multiple companies.

And yes, they should include taxes.

How Many Free Car Insurance Quotes Should I Get?

Generally, you will want at least 10 car insurance quotes. This will help you avoid overpaying. Also, you’ll get a good idea of a fair rate. Since insurance is so personalized, it can be hard to know if it is a good rate. Seeing several quotes will help you know. Of course, the more quotes you get, the better. 15 or more quotes is generally a good idea when trying to find a good rate.

How Should I Get Car Insurance Quotes?

Comparison websites are a good place to start. However, I recommend double checking the rate from the company’s official website. Some carriers may have cheaper rates on their own site. The best way to get quotes is to go to the insurance company’s website. Agents may not have your best interests at heart.


So you now know that auto insurance quotes should be free. You know why they’re free and how to get some of the best quotes. This can end up saving you hundreds or thousands a year!

However, if you want the best rate on car insurance, try Root Insurance.

Do Auto Insurance Quotes Affect Credit?

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Do auto insurance quotes affect credit? Will getting a car insurance quote lower my credit score? How can I get quotes without hurting my credit?

Do Auto Insurance Quotes Affect Credit?
Do Auto Insurance Quotes Affect Credit?

Do Auto Insurance Quotes Check Credit?

Are you wondering if they have to check your credit when you get a quote? A car insurance company wants to know if you will pay your premium. Also, your credit history can help them see how risky it would be to insure you. However, there is good and bad about them checking your credit.

Insurance credit is different from your score. Some people think that insurance companies are like a bank. They think they need a perfect score. But that isn’t the case. This is because insurance companies are actually more interested in your monthly bills. Since most people pay a monthly premium, they want to see bills in your name. If your utilities are in your name, you’re off to a great start.

Because everyone needs insurance, they won’t hold you to a standard of perfection. If you need a score range, you’ll probably be fine with around a 600, but it depends on the carrier.

How Does Credit Affect Auto Insurance Quotes?

Your credit can impact your auto insurance quotes. Some companies require good credit. However, a poor credit history can change your rate.

One time when I was trying to set a lady up with a policy from The General, the rate just about doubled. Her driving history was clean. Nothing else changed when I ran her reports. I asked a mentor and he said it must be her credit history.

I have rarely seen a rate decrease due to credit. However, the increase is usually small. Better yet, most people’s credit doesn’t seem to raise their rates. So I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Will They Have To Run My Credit?

Unfortunately, they will have to run your credit. However, they usually do a soft credit check which won’t impact your score. The big things they will look at are multiple accounts in collections and missed payments.

Life happens and one or two accounts in collections probably won’t affect you.


Yes, auto insurance quotes can affect credit because they check your credit. However, this may actually not be a bad thing. Your credit rarely seems to up your rate.

As long as you have okay credit, you will be fine. If you can, just make sure you’re paying monthly bills in your name. There isn’t a way to really skip having your credit checked.

If your quotes are too high, check out this app! Or just download it here!

How To Get Car Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information

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How to get car insurance quotes without personal information? Can I get a quote without running my credit or driving history?

How To Get Car Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information
How To Get Car Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information

Quotes Without Personal Information

Can you get quotes without person information? Yes! Should you? Probably not. Here’s why: insurance is an application process. Just as your neighbor’s mortgage interest rate is interesting but unhelpful. This is also true for car insurance. Although there are ways to get estimates on the cost of car insurance, since those rates won’t be what you pay, they aren’t going to lead you to the right car quote.

If you want a nondescript quote, you can Google Search average insurance rates in your state. If you put in your age and state for an idea. You can even see about how much a DUI or ticket will raise your rate. These, unfortunately, are the best you’ll get without disclosing personal information. The less information you get, the less accurate the quote will be.

However, your car and driving history are going to have the largest impact on your rate. The value of your vehicle is one of the ways they determine the risk to insure you. This is especially true for full coverage insurance. Since they may be liable to replace the entire vehicle, they look to its value. A $400,000 Rolls-Royce would be much costlier to replace than a $25,000 Toyota. How many tickets you have will also change your rate.

Why Quotes With Personal Information Are Better

Inaccurate quotes are virtually pointless. Because your rate will always be different, my rate doesn’t tell you much. As tempting as it may be to not fill out the forms, they are the only way to find out what you’ll have to pay. With a good quote, you’ll know exactly how much to pay. Try your best to get as many quotes as possible. Then you will have a good idea of where has the best rates.

Your Information Is Safe

Insurance companies primary goal is to have you as a customer. They have every reason to keep your information secure. In fact, it would be horrible if they didn’t take care of it. The insurance industry is highly regulated. If they didn’t take care of everyone’s private information, they would get complaints. Those complaints would be investigated. If they’re careless, they will go out of business. No one wants to do business with someone like that. If you’re still concerned, check each website’s privacy policy.


Although you can get an idea of rates without personal information, they won’t be personalized. Some carriers don’t pull your information for a quote. But you probably won’t want them. Generally, the more information you give them, the better. It may feel awkward to say you’re a homeowner but you may get a discount for it.

If your quotes are high, find out why. Maybe just get a quote with Root Insurance today!

Are Car Insurance Quotes Negotiable?

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Can I negotiate my car insurance quote? How can I save as much money as possible on car insurance?

Are Car Insurance Quotes Negotiable?
Are Car Insurance Quotes Negotiable?

Can I Negotiate Car Insurance Quotes?

Do negotiable car insurance quotes exist? No, you can’t negotiate on your auto insurance quote. However, there are several things you can do to get lower quotes. The most important is to get as many quotes as possible. Since each quote is really a price proposal to you, try and get as many proposals as possible. If you have 15 car insurance quotes, you’ll have many more options. Sometimes, the cheapest rate is the last one you get. Make sure you keep looking until you’re satisfied. For some people, spending a few hours to get extra quotes may not seem worth it. Just remember, $10 extra per month is an extra $120 a year. Unless you charge much more than that an hour, I would recommend putting in the time.

Of course, most car insurance policies are for either 6 or 12 months. However, usually whichever company gives you the best rate will continue to do so in the future. Personally, I have been using the same insurance carrier for the last 2 years. Even after I was involved in a car accident, they still had the lowest rates. Taking my own advice, I checked with 15 other companies just to make sure.

What Can I Do To Get My Car Insurance Quote Down?

Although you can’t find negotiable car insurance quotes, you can make sure you get all the discounts for which you qualify. You can check for any specific discounts for your state. For example, since many people in Utah do not drink alcohol, may carriers will give non-drinkers a discount. Unfortunately, that is uncommon in other places. New Jersey allows you to waive your right to tort. This means that you won’t file a lawsuit against them. Since this protects them from liability, they will usually give you a lower rate.

Usually, you can find discounts for being married, your age, low use of the vehicle, safe driving, being a good student, being a homeowner and having current auto insurance. Not all insurance companies give all of these discounts. But it is always worth asking.


Because you can’t negotiate your auto insurance quotes, you’ll want to get as many quotes as possible. This will help you make the best decision you can. Get quotes from companies you know and trust. Get quotes from companies you’ve never heard of. They should be fine. In fact, I actually got my car insurance using an app. You should check out Root Insurance today!

How Long Are Car Insurance Quotes Valid?

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How much time do I have to decide to go with an insurance company? Will their rates change tomorrow? How long are my car insurance quotes valid?

How Long Are Car Insurance Quotes Valid?
How Long Are Car Insurance Quotes Valid?

What Is A Valid Car Insurance Quote?

An auto insurance quote is estimated price for insuring you and your vehicle. Depending on how you get the quote, it may be very accurate or not accurate at all. Generally, the more information you give the company, the more accurate the quote is. Because insurance is a qualification process, the quote has to see what rates you qualify for. Just like a credit card, you may get better rates than your neighbor.

So, make sure you take advertised rates with a grain of salt. As long as one person gets that rate, a company can advertise it. So be careful to manage your rate expectations. Since those rates look so appealing, it makes people click on their ads. However, your quote comes through a qualification process.

How Often Do Valid Car Insurance Quotes Change?

It depends on the car insurance company. Whenever the company gets new information, they will update their rates. If there is an increase in car accidents in your zip code, your rate goes up. Then those car insurance quotes won’t be valid. If anything changes in your driving profile, those rates will change. There really isn’t a great way to know. With that uncertainty in mind, I find rates usually take a few days to substantially change. However, if you find a great rate, you may want to jump on it.

Can I Take My Time?

Can I take my time with valid car insurance quotes? You can but it may cost you. If you don’t have coverage, a longer lapse in coverage can increase your rates. If you think something may change in your driving record or credit report, waiting can cost you. Don’t drive without insurance. If you’re caught, your ticket will raise your rates. Plus, in states like Florida, you can actually go to jail! So always make sure you’re insured.

If you currently have insurance, you usually have a few days to decide before the rates change. But personally, I would decide inside of a week. I have written policies where the quote on Friday was the same as the quote on Monday. It is possible that the quote will stay the same for weeks. However, I would not wait much longer. Get at least 5-10 quotes and choose which one you want within about a week.


Unfortunately, there is no rule as to how long an insurance company keeps their rates the same. A valid car insurance quote today may be gone tomorrow. A quote may change by the end of the day, tomorrow or next month. Of course, getting as many quotes you can helps you get the best rate. It would be great if all the rates held for at least a couple weeks. However, knowing this can empower you as a customer. Knowing that you probably have a few days allows you more time to make an informed choice.

If you want to learn more about insurance quotes changing, make sure you read my blog post here!

Click Here if you want to see which apps are the best for car insurance quotes. Or you can go ahead and visit Root Insurance!

Why Is My Auto Insurance Quote So High?

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Is your auto insurance quote high? How can you get cheaper insurance? Why is car insurance always so expensive?

Why Is My Auto Insurance Quote So High?
Why Is My Auto Insurance Quote So High?

What Makes An Auto Insurance Rate High?

There are all sorts of reasons why your car insurance right might be high. Some of the things are out of your control. Some of them you can change pretty easily. I will tell you a bit about what you can’t change. But I will focus on what you can change, often very quickly.

What Can’t I Change About My Car Insurance Rate?

You may not be able to change your zip code. The number of accidents and likelihood of accidents in your zip can raise your rate. However, it usually isn’t easy to move. You may not be able to change the coverage you need. If you own a home, you need more coverage. If you are financing your car, you need full coverage. You may not be able to change those quickly, so let’s not worry about them.

What I CAN Change About My Car Insurance Rate!

You can often change your driving history by taking traffic school. Since this gets rid of points on your license, it can make insurance cheaper. Over time, your driving history will get cleaner and rates may go down. You can change the type of car you drive. The cost of insurance largely depends on your vehicle. Do you have a new car? That is why your auto insurance quote so high. Sometimes, you can get a used vehicle that is cheaper to insure. Once you pay off your car, you can get liability coverage.

Sometimes a poor credit history will raise your rate. You can put the utilities in your name. Also, you can open a secured credit card. Maybe you can make arrangements to pay your bills on time. All of these things can make it cheaper when you get a quote.

Are you still getting high rates? Then don’t be the named insured. The first name on the policy is often the named insured. Usually, their record affects the rate the most. So if you have a bad record, have your wife be the named insured. Plus, women generally get lower rates anyways. Do you live with anyone who would add you to their insurance? Paying the difference is usually cheaper.

The BIGGEST Reason Your Auto Insurance Quote So High

Your quote is from the wrong company. The company you chose wants to charge you a ton of money. Maybe it is time to look elsewhere. If your first quote is high, try to get at least 9 more. The investment of your time will handsomely pay off over a few months. Get as many quotes as you can and let the insurance companies fight for your business. You work hard for your money so don’t give it all away. Even $10 a month is an extra $120 a year.


You may have high insurance rates. You may get tons of expensive quotes. However, using these tips will help you get the best rate. If you can only use one, get as many quotes as possible. So always check for lower rates. One day, you may just be surprised.

Personally, I use Root Insurance. After getting about 15 quotes, they were about half of the other rates. You should try them! In fact, if you use my link, we both get a $50 gift card when you get a quote. You don’t even need to buy from them!

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Free?

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Should I have to give payment information to get a quote? Do I have to pay anything? Are auto insurance quotes free?

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Free?
Are Auto Insurance Quotes Free?

Does An Insurance Company Need My Payment Information?

Is the insurance agent asking for your card number? Is the website refusing to give you a price until you create an account? Do they need this information? No, they don’t need any payment information. Auto insurance quotes should be completely free. In fact, you should only give payment information after you agree to a quote.

Some companies may ask for your card up front. Stay away! Either, they are planning on charging your card or they want to make it easier to give them money. Although there is nothing sinister about the latter, it makes it hard to make the right decision. It becomes easy to say “just charge it”. This may lead you to overpaying by hundreds. Do not give them your card number until after you choose them.

Do I Have To Pay Anything For An Auto Insurance Quote?

The short answer is no but it may depend on the state and agent. For example, some states allow an agent to charge a producer fee. While they can’t charge it until they write the policy, it can feel like you’re paying for the quote. Allow states allow the fee, it is not required. Generally, the agent makes money off of the commission of your premium. If they charge a fee, the fee varies by producer. I have charged anywhere from $50-$150 for a producer fee in different states. However, you can probably find a producer who won’t charge you the fee. If you want to go with an agent who charges the fee, you can ask them to lower it. No one wants to pay money for nothing.

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Free?

Yes, they should be free! Some may even give you an incentive for getting a quote. Root Insurance will give you a $50 gift card for getting a quote from them. You should check it out! Otherwise, any insurance company should give you a quote before you decide to buy their insurance. How would you know if you can afford their insurance without the price?

Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax?

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Do I have to pay sales tax on car insurance quotes? Do car insurance quotes include tax? This article will tell you what to expect to pay compared to your car insurance quote.

Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax?
Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax?

Paying Taxes On Car Insurance Quotes

Do car insurance quotes include tax? The saying is that the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. There are taxes on property, cars, income and even death. There are taxes for everything you buy. Luckily, services are still usually exempted from sales tax. When you pay your lawyer, he or she won’t charge you sales tax. The same holds true for insurance. The quotes you get should include any fees or taxes with them, if there are any.

What Taxes And Fees Should I Worry About?

So if I don’t have to pay sales tax, what should I worry about paying? Firstly, make sure there isn’t a producer fee. That is a fee some agents charge just to set up the policy. Since they get paid a commission, this usually isn’t necessary. If they insist, try and talk them down on the cost. Maybe they’ll take $50 instead of $200.

They may try to sell you on extra services you don’t need. They may try and convince you to buy more coverages than you need. You may not need renters or homeowners insurance. You may not need a separate roadside assistance package. Make sure you know what you’re getting before you sign.

Another thing is to double check the coverages. Do you just need liability? One time, I asked for the state minimum coverage and the agent set me up with more than state minimum. While that may be a good idea in some cases, I was a poor college student with 13+ year old car. I ended up spending more than $150 a month for liability. It was horrible! Make sure you know your numbers.

If you aren’t sure what you need, this article will help you know if you need full coverage.

Summary: Do I have to pay sales tax on car insurance quotes?

Do Car Insurance Quotes Include Tax? Although you may not have to worry about paying sales tax on auto insurance quotes, you need to be watchful of plenty of things. It isn’t enough to get one car insurance quote. Whatever you do, try and get at least 5-10 car insurance quotes. If you’re buying a car, try and get quotes before you buy it. It may take you a few hours to find a good rate. Whatever you do, don’t rush the process. You could end up spending $1,200 or more a year needlessly. If two hours of work saved you that, it would be like getting paid $600 an hour!

So far, Root Insurance has been the best that I have found. You can read more about them here!

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate?

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Are auto insurance quotes accurate? Can I trust that I will pay the rates they say? Will my rate go up or down each month?

No, Auto Insurance Quotes Are Not Accurate. Well, maybe not…

In all honesty, it depends on how you got the quote and which company gave it to you. Did they ask for personal information? Did you agree to let them check your credit and driving history? If not, the quote cannot be accurate. Because most insurance companies ask for things like your profession and martial status to give you discounts, the quote can’t be accurate without them.

Also, your driving history really changes your rate. An insurance company should ask for your permission before they get that. If you didn’t agree to their terms verbally or clicking on the link, they can’t do that. Without your driving record, the quote is worthless.

Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate
Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate

Without your credit history, the quote could go up. Although I rarely see the quote go down, a limited credit history could make the rate go up. Generally, they will look more at utility payment history than student loans. They are really looking to see if you are good about paying monthly bills. However, if you have several accounts in collections, this could drive up your rate.

What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?

Generally, that is not a rate you will get. In order to advertise a rate, a car insurance company has to give that rate to only one person. Unless you live in the middle of Iowa with great credit and driving history, you probably won’t get that rate. Of course, try and see what you can get. However, those ads aren’t a quote for you. They are only there to get your attention. This gets people to get click on their ad and get a quote. Don’t write off getting a quote from an ad. Just know that you may not get as cheap of a rate as the ad says.

What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?
What About The Ad For $19 Auto Insurance?

What Should I Do To Get Accurate Auto Insurance Quotes?

Remember, real quotes ask for personal information, your driving history and credit history. So make sure you go through the company’s official website to get an accurate quotes. If you want to see what Allstate charges, go to their website. The same goes for all of the major carriers. But please, be careful of Geico. Once you have 5-10 quotes, you will have a good idea of what you will be paying. But if there is a huge variance, get more quotes. Sometimes that last quote is the winner so don’t stop looking too soon.

Summary of Are Auto Insurance Quotes Accurate

Now you know are auto insurance quotes accurate. You also how to know to get several quotes yourself before deciding. If you gave no personal information, the quote won’t be accurate. As always, I recommend trying Root Insurance and seeing what rate they give you.