Should I Get Car Insurance Online?

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Where to get car insurance is a hard choice for many people. Some people may have heard that buying car insurance online has its drawbacks. This article will examine and explain if you should get car insurance online.

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is protection for drivers and passengers on the open road. It is almost always a requirement in order to legally drive. This is to help everyone on the road stay safe in case of an accident.

It can cover the cost of repairs to a vehicle if there is damage. Car insurance can cover your medical bills. The insurance company will usually cover the cost of legal fees if you are at-fault.

There are several different types of car insurance policies. They vary based on state, carrier and even the type of car you drive. Most carriers have several options to make sure you are covered for situations where you might find yourself.

Why Buy Car Insurance Online?

One of the biggest advantages of buying car insurance online is ease of access. In the old days, buying car insurance was usually done in person. As time went on, it became possible to buy it over the phone. This was a huge step forward in achieving easier access.

However, this could still require long telephone calls discussing uncomfortable information with strangers. This makes most people uneasy.

Since the popularization of the internet, it has been possible to sign up for car insurance online. This allows you to get a rate without having to drive around town or make awkward phone calls.

The Reason You Should Buy Car Insurance Online

Comparing car insurance rates online is the easiest way to do that. You can get lots of rates in minutes on a single site. Usually, you don’t have to worry about getting phone calls or mailers from the car insurance company you didn’t chose.

Once you have several quotes, you can usually keep them handy. Although these quotes may not be completely accurate, they give you a good idea about which carrier will be the best choice for you.

Buying car insurance online is usually the best, easiest and cheapest way to get insured.

Still Not Sold?

Of course, buying it online isn’t the best choice for everyone. Some people aren’t comfortable sharing personal information on the internet, even on secure websites. Others prefer having the human touch of using a neighbor insurance agent.

Personally, I had a car insurance agent knock on my door which I found awkward. so that last reason was not factor for me.

Although buying car insurance online is an easier way to compare quotes, you can still shop around without using a computer. Some agencies even work with multiple carriers. They can compare rates for you. However, they are not required to actually give you the best rate they find.

What’s worse? Some insurance carriers will even raise rates based on the agency that writes their policy.

My Experience

When I sold car insurance, one of my coworkers told me about her daughter. Her daughter found that going through the Progressive website gave her a much cheaper rate than her mother could find at our agency.

This may sound nefarious. However, insurance prices are not standardized. In fact, most insurance companies are required to state in their commercials that prices vary based on how you buy. This is something most people may not know. However, it can cost you if you go about buying insurance the wrong way.


Because of this experiences, I recomend always going through the carrier’s website. Even after using a comparison site, you should try going through the company’s site. This will insure you are getting the best price you can. It is usually well worth a time investment of a couple hours to save money for months.

So there are a few of my thoughts on buying car insurance online. For most people, it is simply the best option available.

With the popularization of smartphones, most carriers will even have an option to buy through their apps. Some of these apps will even track your driving for you. This usually will lead to much lower rates for most drivers.

Although the idea that something is tracking your driving may be scary, it can only lead to lower rates. They usually track how quickly you accelerate, the hours you drive and how quickly you turn. These are all markers of safe driving.

What are your experiences? Is online the way to go for insurance?

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