How To Get Car Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information

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How to get car insurance quotes without personal information? Can I get a quote without running my credit or driving history?

How To Get Car Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information
How To Get Car Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information

Quotes Without Personal Information

Can you get quotes without person information? Yes! Should you? Probably not. Here’s why: insurance is an application process. Just as your neighbor’s mortgage interest rate is interesting but unhelpful. This is also true for car insurance. Although there are ways to get estimates on the cost of car insurance, since those rates won’t be what you pay, they aren’t going to lead you to the right car quote.

If you want a nondescript quote, you can Google Search average insurance rates in your state. If you put in your age and state for an idea. You can even see about how much a DUI or ticket will raise your rate. These, unfortunately, are the best you’ll get without disclosing personal information. The less information you get, the less accurate the quote will be.

However, your car and driving history are going to have the largest impact on your rate. The value of your vehicle is one of the ways they determine the risk to insure you. This is especially true for full coverage insurance. Since they may be liable to replace the entire vehicle, they look to its value. A $400,000 Rolls-Royce would be much costlier to replace than a $25,000 Toyota. How many tickets you have will also change your rate.

Why Quotes With Personal Information Are Better

Inaccurate quotes are virtually pointless. Because your rate will always be different, my rate doesn’t tell you much. As tempting as it may be to not fill out the forms, they are the only way to find out what you’ll have to pay. With a good quote, you’ll know exactly how much to pay. Try your best to get as many quotes as possible. Then you will have a good idea of where has the best rates.

Your Information Is Safe

Insurance companies primary goal is to have you as a customer. They have every reason to keep your information secure. In fact, it would be horrible if they didn’t take care of it. The insurance industry is highly regulated. If they didn’t take care of everyone’s private information, they would get complaints. Those complaints would be investigated. If they’re careless, they will go out of business. No one wants to do business with someone like that. If you’re still concerned, check each website’s privacy policy.


Although you can get an idea of rates without personal information, they won’t be personalized. Some carriers don’t pull your information for a quote. But you probably won’t want them. Generally, the more information you give them, the better. It may feel awkward to say you’re a homeowner but you may get a discount for it.

If your quotes are high, find out why. Maybe just get a quote with Root Insurance today!