How Long Are Car Insurance Quotes Valid?

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How much time do I have to decide to go with an insurance company? Will their rates change tomorrow? How long are my car insurance quotes valid?

How Long Are Car Insurance Quotes Valid?
How Long Are Car Insurance Quotes Valid?

What Is A Valid Car Insurance Quote?

An auto insurance quote is estimated price for insuring you and your vehicle. Depending on how you get the quote, it may be very accurate or not accurate at all. Generally, the more information you give the company, the more accurate the quote is. Because insurance is a qualification process, the quote has to see what rates you qualify for. Just like a credit card, you may get better rates than your neighbor.

So, make sure you take advertised rates with a grain of salt. As long as one person gets that rate, a company can advertise it. So be careful to manage your rate expectations. Since those rates look so appealing, it makes people click on their ads. However, your quote comes through a qualification process.

How Often Do Valid Car Insurance Quotes Change?

It depends on the car insurance company. Whenever the company gets new information, they will update their rates. If there is an increase in car accidents in your zip code, your rate goes up. Then those car insurance quotes won’t be valid. If anything changes in your driving profile, those rates will change. There really isn’t a great way to know. With that uncertainty in mind, I find rates usually take a few days to substantially change. However, if you find a great rate, you may want to jump on it.

Can I Take My Time?

Can I take my time with valid car insurance quotes? You can but it may cost you. If you don’t have coverage, a longer lapse in coverage can increase your rates. If you think something may change in your driving record or credit report, waiting can cost you. Don’t drive without insurance. If you’re caught, your ticket will raise your rates. Plus, in states like Florida, you can actually go to jail! So always make sure you’re insured.

If you currently have insurance, you usually have a few days to decide before the rates change. But personally, I would decide inside of a week. I have written policies where the quote on Friday was the same as the quote on Monday. It is possible that the quote will stay the same for weeks. However, I would not wait much longer. Get at least 5-10 quotes and choose which one you want within about a week.


Unfortunately, there is no rule as to how long an insurance company keeps their rates the same. A valid car insurance quote today may be gone tomorrow. A quote may change by the end of the day, tomorrow or next month. Of course, getting as many quotes you can helps you get the best rate. It would be great if all the rates held for at least a couple weeks. However, knowing this can empower you as a customer. Knowing that you probably have a few days allows you more time to make an informed choice.

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