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What is Root Insurance 800 number? So how do you get in touch with Root customer service? Find the phone number for Root Insurance here!

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Which Root Insurance Department?

Like most insurance companies, Root Insurance has multiple departments. Before you dial, you’ll want to make sure you’re calling the right place. Of course, they probably can route your call but that takes time.

For customer service, call 866-980-9431 or email [email protected]. So you know, their hours are 9am-8pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. And they try to answer emails within 48 hours.

For Root Roadside Assistance, call 844-271-4357 or email [email protected].

If you’re filing a car insurance or renters insurance claim, the app is usually best. However, you can file them online or over the phone. If you are filing a new claim, use their customer service line: 866-980-9431. And if you are following up on an existing claim, call 866-489-1985.

Filing a home insurance claim is usually best in the app. But if you need to call them, call 844-208-0665.

Are You Looking For Root Insurance’s Address?

They list their claims address as 80 E Rich Street, Suite 500, Columbus, OH 43215.

If you’re in an accident, this might be helpful for your lawyer as they often have to send in paperwork to the insurance carrier. Naturally, I would recommend using the address only if you have to use it. Usually, you can get the information to them electronically.

Should I File A Claim?

What to know if you should file a claim with Root Insurance? If you were in an accident, file a claim. Get them all the information you they need. This way, they’ll be able to take care of you.

If it is a small accident, sometimes the drivers will work things out without involving the insurance companies. If that’s the case, you may not need to file a claim. However, that can be risky. So make sure you always get the same information you share with them.


And now you know the 800 number for Root Insurance, their address and a bit of if you should file a claim with them.

But if you haven’t already, get a quote from Root Insurance.

And if you’re looking for information on getting car insurance quotes, read this article.

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5 Reasons Root Insurance May Be The Best Insurance Company

Disclosure: The ads and links on this website may promote products. We may receive compensation. Always check with legal professionals before making any financial decision.

Have you seen the ads or heard about Root Insurance? What makes them different from other insurance carriers? Can I really save 62% off of my auto insurance? Here is my Root Insurance Review!

Number 1: No Commissioned Sales Agents

When you buy car insurance, about 5-15% of that is just a paycheck for your insurance agent. There is nothing wrong with sales agents making a living but think about how much you could save by cutting out the middle man. Root doesn’t use use insurance agents to sell their products. Instead, they rely on internet marketing and word-of-mouth to find new clients. In fact, if you want to get a free $50, just use my link to get a quote and they’ll send you a gift card even if you don’t sign up for their insurance. Marketing this way allows them to keep their costs down and pass the savings on to you.

Number 2: Root Insurance Only Insures Good Drivers

Because only a small portion of drivers drive up the cost of the insurance company paying out for accidents, Root Insurance decided to not cover the types of drivers who are more likely to cost the company money. This is another way Root saves money which lets them keep their rates low.

Root Insurance Review

Number 3: Your Rate Is Based On Your Driving

Although several companies now will give you discounts for letting them track how you drive, Root is the only one I know of where they factor that discount into your quote. They do it through just an app on your phone. No worrying about having to return expensive equipment or plugging something into your car. You also get to have that savings during your very first month with them.

Number 4: Root Insurance Has Great Customer Service

Unfortunately, I did get in a car accident after switching to Root. I was worried at first but they took good care of me. You take photos of the accident right inside the app and upload it to someone who will help with your case. They can email, call or text you so it’s easy to be in touch with them. Everyone I talked to was US-based so there isn’t any cultural or linguistic differences to overcome in communicating with them.

Root Insurance Customer Service

Number 5: Root Has The Lowest Car Rates I’ve Ever Seen

When working in insurance, I could check rates with 12 different carriers. Root beat them all. It wasn’t even close. I believe Progressive Insurance was the next best at more than twice the price for just liability vs having full coverage with Root. I ended up saving more like 70+% on car insurance when I switched to them. Really, just get a quote. It usually takes a couple weeks after you start it. Either way, you’ll get a $50 gift card for just having it run in the background on your phone. If their rates aren’t better, you don’t have to pay them anything but you still get the $50. What do you have to lose other than maybe a bit of battery charge?

Download The App And Take Root For A Spin!

That’s it for my Root Insurance review!