Why Is My Auto Insurance Quote So High?

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Is your auto insurance quote high? How can you get cheaper insurance? Why is car insurance always so expensive?

Why Is My Auto Insurance Quote So High?
Why Is My Auto Insurance Quote So High?

What Makes An Auto Insurance Rate High?

There are all sorts of reasons why your car insurance right might be high. Some of the things are out of your control. Some of them you can change pretty easily. I will tell you a bit about what you can’t change. But I will focus on what you can change, often very quickly.

What Can’t I Change About My Car Insurance Rate?

You may not be able to change your zip code. The number of accidents and likelihood of accidents in your zip can raise your rate. However, it usually isn’t easy to move. You may not be able to change the coverage you need. If you own a home, you need more coverage. If you are financing your car, you need full coverage. You may not be able to change those quickly, so let’s not worry about them.

What I CAN Change About My Car Insurance Rate!

You can often change your driving history by taking traffic school. Since this gets rid of points on your license, it can make insurance cheaper. Over time, your driving history will get cleaner and rates may go down. You can change the type of car you drive. The cost of insurance largely depends on your vehicle. Do you have a new car? That is why your auto insurance quote so high. Sometimes, you can get a used vehicle that is cheaper to insure. Once you pay off your car, you can get liability coverage.

Sometimes a poor credit history will raise your rate. You can put the utilities in your name. Also, you can open a secured credit card. Maybe you can make arrangements to pay your bills on time. All of these things can make it cheaper when you get a quote.

Are you still getting high rates? Then don’t be the named insured. The first name on the policy is often the named insured. Usually, their record affects the rate the most. So if you have a bad record, have your wife be the named insured. Plus, women generally get lower rates anyways. Do you live with anyone who would add you to their insurance? Paying the difference is usually cheaper.

The BIGGEST Reason Your Auto Insurance Quote So High

Your quote is from the wrong company. The company you chose wants to charge you a ton of money. Maybe it is time to look elsewhere. If your first quote is high, try to get at least 9 more. The investment of your time will handsomely pay off over a few months. Get as many quotes as you can and let the insurance companies fight for your business. You work hard for your money so don’t give it all away. Even $10 a month is an extra $120 a year.


You may have high insurance rates. You may get tons of expensive quotes. However, using these tips will help you get the best rate. If you can only use one, get as many quotes as possible. So always check for lower rates. One day, you may just be surprised.

Personally, I use Root Insurance. After getting about 15 quotes, they were about half of the other rates. You should try them! In fact, if you use my link, we both get a $50 gift card when you get a quote. You don’t even need to buy from them!

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